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Welcome!  Sailors, cowgirls, wooden boat lovers, community event creators and writers...

Here, I hope you'll find inspiration, information and ideas. 

The LATEST NEWS is at Woman of the Wind Blog.  The blog includes short posts about current projects (like my current book!), short stories from the circumnavigation, ideas and adventure in wooden boats, in random nature settings and from decades of exploration around the world, literally. 

Blog categories are listed as a tag cloud in the left margin and range all along the Beaufort Scale. All topics can be the focus of public presentations for small or large groups.  Some writing links to other blogs, like, where I'm one of 20 expert Guides.

A life-long woman of the wind, I work wherever the wind blows. Anchored in Port Townsend, Washington since 2001, I directed the world renowned Wooden Boat Festival for a decade and remain involved. There, I work onboard my 1936 Danish spidsgatter (double-ender), named Pax.  On the other side of the Rockies at the bottom of an ancient ocean in Oklahoma, I work from the canyon home of five generations before me overlooking Roman Nose State Park

I write, do presentations, create, consult and manage community cultural events. This work knows no bounds and includes friends and colleagues all over the world.  


From an Oklahoma cattle ranch to sailing around the world, I've lived in the winds and learned.

I've learned to thrive in a constant creative flow, keep balance, face fears, laugh, cry and to respond to opportunities with unbound optimism.  As Eleanor Roosevelt said...  'You've got to dare to do the thing you think you cannot do!'          Kaci Cronkhite, during Woman of the Wind presentations