Pax (peace in Latin) is a 28' double ender—45m2 spidsgatter in Danish classification. She was built in Kalundborg, Denmark, 1936. Those facts, along with almost 70 years of history in Denmark, Canada, and California were missing when, in 2007, Kaci Cronkhite (who "knew better than to buy a wooden boat") opened an email and fell in love. After a 6-month unexpected "haulout from hell" in Port Townsend she began a 7-year search that has been described as a love story, a quest, and an adventure.  Along the way, she met a mystery woman boatbuilder in Canada; a musician in Sausalito; learned of a tragic fire that nearly destroyed the boat in California; came up short in Los Angeles "where boats go to die"; and, met three generations of four owners' and the builder's families in Denmark. 

Finding PAX is the remarkable story of that quest. A new 2nd edition of the book will be released by Bloomsbury in Fall 2018! Until then, follow the latest news about Spidsgatter Pax on social media and sign up here for information on the book release and Upcoming Events


PAX is moored year-round at the Port of Port Townsend's Boat Haven Shipyard, B Dock.

Open daily for tours during the Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival.

To see the boat at other times and locations, see Upcoming Events or contact Kaci.