September 4, 2018

"The boat appeared when I didn't expect or, frankly, need her. My bucket list was empty. Life was full…But sailing towards me was a boat that would stir the waters, waking decades of loss, revealing history untold, and restoring a legacy that was lost in the wind. For her and for me, I had to wade into that water. I had to go, to search, to find." - KC

Finding Pax is a story of discovery and reconnection like no other. Having fallen hopelessly in love with a 1930s Danish spidsgatter, a beautifully constructed 28 ft wooden double-ender, circumnavigator Kaci Cronkhite embarked on an international search to unravel the mystery of the boat’s past, and discovered the many lives Pax touched since she first hit the water in 1936.

The search took her to harbors of British Columbia, Los Angeles’, and Denmark. What she found changed some families’ history. “By finding her story, you’ve given us ours,” said the granddaughter of the boat’s builder, Karl Thomsen.

"The writing is poetic, spare, and full of wisdom."

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Finding PAX: Expanded Edition (relaunched, with extras September 2018!)

“The commitment, the struggles, the diversions, the revelations, the hardship and the joy of discovery are to be found on every page. It took me back to my own experiences researching and writing.” - Tom Dunlop, author Reflections on Martha’s Vineyard

"Here's the book I've been waiting for since I first met Kaci. This story takes us into the heart of the sea, and into the human heart as well, as it's the story of what brings people together across the ocean, and across time. I wanted to be on the journey with her, and now I can. I've fallen in love with Pax.” - Kate Cronkite, author, On The Edge of Darkness

“Boats reflect the soul and character of the people who build them, maintain them, restore them, and sail them. The story is a fascinating glimpse into the mysterious forces that continue to draw us back to boats and the sea…a fascinating and highly readable addition to maritime literature. - Ross Anderson, pulitzer prize winning journalist, Seattle Times

" A love affair, a quest, and adventure - that is what happened when a woman broke her promise and bought a wooden boat.” -  Lin Pardey, author of Storm Tactics Handbook

“…on point all the way through, nothing overstated, keeping the mystery unfolding. What I especially liked is the reference to women without comparing them to men, all the way through the book. So that when you finish it, you're saying yes, these are women's lives that are rarely, if ever, mentioned in narratives by men.” -Jan Halliday, Author, Native Peoples of the Northwest

“The story reads like a reflective and literate diary crossed with a mystery.”—Lawrence W. Cheek, author, The Year of the Boat

”…As she follows faint traces and obscure clues of her boat’s story, more worlds open—the waterfront culture of Sausalito, the self-reliance of British Columbia's islanders, and finally the sailing communities of Denmark. Her book is nothing less than a love story for a wooden boat.” - Tom Jackson, Senior Editor, WoodenBoat

“Purely authentic voice. 100% spot on. Inspiring, honest, and will take its place among the modern wooden boat classics." -Dale McKinnon, writer and wilderness rower

“Kaci’s endurance, tenacity, and loyalty are the stuff of legend. Her book is a testament not only to her love for a great boat, but also to her ability to build relationships between people.” - Bill Mayer, co-founder

”Story so well told even a landlubber can picture it all without knowing the jargon.” - Pastor Ruth Atterberry, Stillwater, Oklahoma

A very fine bit of writing that shows there's much much more fulfillment from owning a wooden boat that simply using and maintaining it.- Maynard Bray, technical editor, WoodenBoat publications

A delicious book. Wanted more in fact. Pax's story is a lovely one and so well told by her current lover. -Andy Gamlin, founding director, Australian Wooden Boat Festival

Above all, it is a lesson in how love and tenacity gave this beautiful boat her identity back and allows her and the writer to sail in the wind together restored. -Heather Follis, England (Amazon review)

“Great detective work. Made me really miss my wooden boat.”  -Jo Davies, Auckland, New Zealand

This is a love story. I’m not talking about romantic love. I’m talking about obsessive love; a woman’s love indeed adoration, for an inanimate object - in this case a wooden boat. A delightful book.” - Allan Littrell, for Ocean Navigator

“Thoroughly enjoyed this story. Had tears in my eyes more than a few times.” - Joy Phillips, sailor/owner Holger Danske, Hobart, Tasmania

“…the hand on the horse’s reins and the subtle handling of a sheet with changes in the wind. And what comes from the horse through my body responding like the lift and fall of a following sea or the rolls of waves under the hull. You brought it all back. I look forward to your prequel.” -Gail Clark-Brodt, Chesapeake Maritime Museum

One of the most interesting books I have ever read, You have inspired me to start my own quest.
-Norman J. Stringfield, Helsen 22 HenriLina Del Rio, TN


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