Capes are the poetic points of continents. Landmarks of legends. The focus of fears and goals to reach. Capes are the summits of our sailing souls.
— Kaci Cronkhite on TETHYS rounding Cape of Good Hope

How does a girl go from childhood on a cattle ranch in Oklahoma to sailing around the world?

The first time I stepped aboard a boat, I was 31.  The rocking motion felt like a horse. Things broke and I could fix them. And then, there was the wind. Always, the wind.

One sail led to pursuit of a Ph.d.. The doctoral research led to three progressively longer ocean voyages: an overnight sail from Kauai to Honolulu; a three-week delivery from Honolulu to Seattle; a six month passage from Australia to Hawaii via New Zealand, Cook Islands and Tahiti; and, in 1995 I joined Captain Nancy Erley on Tethys (a 38-foot custom fiberglass sloop) to teach women on long ocean passages.

I never expected to sail around the world, but before I was 40, I did. 

This is my next book, a prequel to Finding PAX, available worldwide from Bloomsbury, Fall 2019!