Kaci Cronkhite's career spans more than three decades of non-profit leadership, education marketing, creative writing and event management. A life-long writer, with indefatigable love of nature and the will to write & work wherever the wind blows, she splits her time between a home in the canyons of Roman Nose State Park in Oklahoma, with Spidsgatter PAX in Port Townsend, Washington, and on writing sojourns with family, friends and colleagues around the world.

The dynamo behind the internationally respected Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival for ten years.
— Scott Wilson, editor Port Townsend Leader
Kaci is an excellent organizer, personable, capable and able to manage complex projects with calm thoroughness.
— Benjamin Mendolwitz, Marine Photographer
Your writing is beautiful, evocative and cleverly funny!”

”Appreciate your acknowledging we’re just like everyone else, in other words, unique.”

”Just want to tell you thank you. I knew our world was beautiful and looking at your posts has opened my eyes to a whole new world.
— Comments from online readers
She’s one of the pillars of our community here, certainly in Port Townsend and in the Northwest boating community. As a person she’s intelligent, she’s nice, she’s sensitive to people and she really tries as hard as she can to make it all work. She’s a pretty rare individual. The festival has this great energy and that totally comes from Kaci. She cares so much.
— Jake Beattie, Executive Director NWMC & WBF
Every aspect of this major event went from strength to strength under her expert - and calm - leadership.
— Stephen Gale, Haven Boatworks

Notable Accomplishments & Awards


A life's work wherever the wind blows….

I love the dawn of opportunity, the passion of storms, the magnetism of horizons and the serenity prayer.  

- KC