Reviews of FINDING PAX keep sailing in!

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The book, FINDING PAX, Launched just in time for the 40th Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival!

Since then, more than 800 people (in the first two months alone!) from around the world have purchased a signed copy from author/owner of Spidsgatter Pax, Kaci Cronkhite. It's clear, this book, the author and her boat, are touching the lives of thousands - connecting generations. Here's what people are saying... 

“Cleverly-crafted, captivating story.” - DD in Cape George

”It’s marvelous, Kaci. The commitment, the struggles, the diversions, the revelations, the hardship and the joy of discovery are to be found on every page. I rocketed through FINDING PAX in two nights and loved it. This came from the storytelling and writing in and of itself, of course. But it also took me back to my own experiences researching and writing. - TD on Martha’s Vineyard

”W o w - love it love it that is all for now. And thank you. Have to put it down, don’t want it to end.” - PS in southern California

”Opened your book to scan it but I couldn’t put it down. Finished reading it at 1 am this morning. The story had me in tears and laughing out loud! You are one of those special writers who draw readers into an intimate relationship with the story and it’s characters. This is a true masterpiece!” - LD in Port Townsend

”Purely authentic”voice” 100% spot on. “Pax” is inspiring, honest, and will take its place among the modern wooden boat classics.” - DM in Bellingham

”Story so well told even a landlubber can picture it all without knowing the jargon.” RA in Oklahoma

”Well done!! We’ve has just finished reading Finding Pax - cover to cover - and enjoyed every word of it. Full of admiration for the amount of research and adventure you put into discovering all her history and producing such an informative and readable volume!” - CH in Sidney, BC

”It just filled my heart to the brim to read it. I loved that it was part love story and part detective story and it was wonderful in these cynical times to see so many people bonding together with you to help you find Pax’s story.” - DG in Tulsa

”Thank you for that wonderful book. It made really a lot of impression on me. It took me back to the years where mom had put us to bed and we were reading Captain Hiratio Hornblower, Michiel den Ruyter, Cook and WW2 books under the blankets, with a pocket light. Such a one you had to bang on, when the batteries got weak...” - PB in Denmark

”Love your book Kaci Cronkhite ! Fast interesting read. Inspired. Thank you!” Sausalito Wooden Boat Tours, California

”What I especially liked is the reference to women without comparing them to men, all the way through the book. So that when you finish it, you’re saying yes, these are women’s lives that are rarely, if ever, mentioned in narratives by men.” - JH in Port Townsend