• Watonga Public Library (map)
  • 301 Prouty Street
  • Watonga, Oklahoma 73772
  • USA

Author, Kaci Cronkhite, who grew up fourth generation on the Cronkhite Ranch and attended K-12 at Watonga Schools will present Finding PAX: one woman's journey for the love of her wooden boat at the Watonga Public Library. 

Finding Pax is a story of discovery and reconnection like no other. Having fallen hopelessly in love with a 1930s Danish spidsgatter, a beautifully constructed 28 ft wooden double-ender, circumnavigator Kaci Cronkhite embarked on an international search to unravel the mystery of the boat’s past, and discovered the many lives Pax touched since she first hit the water in 1936.

The search took her to the quiet harbors of British Columbia, into the industrial desert of Los Angeles’ port, and to the harbors and homes of generations in Denmark. What she found changed some families’ history. “By finding her story, you’ve given us ours,” said the granddaughter of the boat’s builder. The writing is poetic, spare, and full of wisdom.

"The boat appeared when I didn't expect or, frankly, need her. My bucket list was empty. Life was full…But sailing towards me was a boat that would stir the waters, waking decades of loss, revealing history untold, and restoring a legacy that was lost in the wind. For her and for me, I had to wade into that water. I had to go, to search, to find." - KC

Finding PAX is Kaci's first book. The original, self-published edition sold out. The new, expanded edition is published by Adlard Coles, the nautical imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing, of London. Adlard Coles is the world's premier nautical press featuring the classics, as well as modern topics for worldwide audiences. 

Kaci's next book, When a Cowgirl Goes to Sea, is also published by Adlard Coles/Bloomsbury. It's due for release Fall 2019.