Raised on a four-generation cattle ranch near Roman Nose State Park, in northwest Oklahoma, Kaci Cronkhite never dreamed of sailing around the world. But, she did—completing that journey in 2001.

Armed with what she knew from ranch life and ocean sailing, she knew better than to buy a wooden boat. But, when the curvy little wooden sailboat, built in Denmark 1936, arrived in her email inbox, in Port Townsend, Washington, she fell in love.

Reviewers describe the book as “a story of discovery and connection like no other.” The writing is “spare, poetic, and full of wisdom.”

“Boats reflect the soul and character of the people who build them, maintain them, restore them, and sail them. The story is a fascinating glimpse into the mysterious forces that continue to draw us back to boats and the sea…a fascinating and highly readable addition to maritime literature. 

- Ross Anderson, pulitzer prize winning journalist, Seattle Times

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Says Kaci, “Not a person who’s read it doesn’t think of someone in their family they want to share it with. The memories stirred, the surprise connections made between generations, and the history it brings to life in what turns out to be 80 years, have made Finding PAX an ideal gift for generations older and younger than the first reader. In Oklahoma, readers range from a 7 year old boy to a 96 year-old woman—whose daughter wrote…”

”Story so well told even a landlubber can picture it all without knowing the jargon.”

-Pastor Ruth Atterberry, Stillwater, Oklahoma 

“…the hand on the horse’s reins and the subtle handling of a sheet with changes in the wind. And what comes from the horse through my body responding like the lift and fall of a following sea or the rolls of waves under the hull. You brought it all back. I look forward to your prequel.”

-Gail Clark-Brodt, Chesapeake Maritime Museum