What an unforgettable two hours we shared on MAIDEN’s visit to Port Townsend. “Epic.” “Legend.” “A pinnacle event.” All descriptions voiced that day on the boat, ashore, online… waves of sincere appreciation. A tenth of our Port Townsend community, more than a thousand and, by some counts, two thousand people lined the docks, the NWMC decks, and waterfront beaches to welcome Wendy Tuck and the current MAIDEN crew, to cheer their many accomplishments, to donate to their charity, and tour the legendary MAIDEN—now on a World Tour.

To see the boat approaching the dock was, for me, surreal—echoing back to the start of my life on the ocean. A start that might never happened if I, too, wouldn’t have rearranged life to come to Port Townsend on a quip, on a question, on a gut reaction to trust another woman with a boat 26 years ago. I am grateful to the women and men who gave me a hand then and every year since—this time, Tracy Edwards and The Maiden Factor crew—as the scope of our life journeys keep these collaborations truly international—advocating far beyond racing and cruising to the smallest local endeavors to educate girls and change the world.

As King Hussein said to Tracy Edwards and Edwards continues to say to girls around the world through the charity The Maiden Factor… “anything is possible.”

I believed it then. I believe it now. We must believe and work together now more than ever.

My 12-hour “pit stop” in Port Townsend back in 1993 was transformative. I hope MAIDEN’s Pit Stop in Port Townsend sends ripples of transformation and inspiration to everyone involved. It was truly an honor to organize and I’m grateful for everyone’s effort and trust at The Maiden Factor and in our community. We did it! I’d love to hear what it meant to you!

One of the newest crew members, 59-year old Seattle native, Danae wrote about her experience in her blog post recounting the Pit Stop in the context of her overall journey to build women’s confidence for adventure and sailing… “As the dock came into view we saw throngs of people covering the dock and shore; everyone cheering! So much love for Maiden!” And, later… “With the stars overhead, we made it to the Pacific Ocean and turned South. We are on our way!”

Here are a couple of recent news articles in Port Townsend Leader and Peninsula Daily News about the event:

Here was the social media announcement: on Facebook

It's official! I’m honored to announce that the legendary yacht, MAIDEN, which Tracy Edwards and crew sailed around the world into the record books in 1989 and hearts of (now) millions... with the recent film... is going to make a 2-hour PIT STOP IN PORT TOWNSEND on their way from Seattle to San Francisco. 

Next Thursday, August 15, MAIDEN, under command of Wendy Tuck [First woman captain to WIN an around the world race-2018 Clipper Round the World Race] and a stellar all-woman crew [including Belle Henry, who's been involved since the restoration this round in England] who are circumnavigating the world in support of girls education aka The Maiden Factor will make their way to PT from the departure ceremony in Seattle. 

We expect MAIDEN to round Marrowstone Point anytime after 1500 (3pm) local time and make her way to Northwest Maritime Center dock by 1600 (4pm). The public is invited to see the boat on-the-water (power, row, sail, SUP... you name it!) as she sails across the bay and, to see the boat from the Point Hudson jetty and the NW Maritime Center decks and dock while she is here.

At approximately 1600(4pm) local time, a team of 4 female mariners from our community will take MAIDEN's lines. Carol Hasse, owner of Hasse & Company Port Townsend Sails will officially welcome MAIDEN to Port Townsend. There will be opportunity for some Q/A with the crew and boat tours AS TIME ALLOWS. This is a short stop, added onto a very busy schedule. 

Let's give a big community welcome to the boat and crew of a world endeavor near and dear to our hearts, too! The mission that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE for girls and women. Education and sailing are a powerful combination--one this town celebrates at work and home everyday. Everyone is welcome to come down to the dock.

The Schooner Adventuress will be finishing a week-long program hours before MAIDEN arrives. If you're down at the NWMC dock early, there's another legendary boat to see. Adventuress Captain and crew have graciously coordinate schedules to help make this Pit Stop in PT possible. Huge thanks to Sound Experience aboard the Schooner Adventuress ! 

I've made this post public. So, please share it with friends and organizations you think would like to see MAIDEN (the boat) in Port Townsend and come on down to the NWMC next, Thursday, Aug 15! 1600-1800 (4-6pm)

MAIDEN, the movie, will be held over for a 3rd week, showing 3x a day. Go Rose Theatre for tickets and times. Also, FREE POSTERS will be available at the August 15th event. (while supply lasts)