With little sailing experience and in her late 50s, Gina de Vere left her comfortable home……15 years on, she’s still a full time cruiser and on her adventures has met countless other inspirational and courageous Blue Water Women, 40 of whom she has interviewed for this book.

In this book, Gina DeVere has given a gift to us all—by asking the questions and gathering answers from women around the world. Our experience is too often invisible. The more of us are visible, the more we see each other. By writing the stories down, the more evidence and inspiration we can be to women ashore wondering, dreaming, and thinking they are alone. They’re not! We’re not! Buy this book as a gift to yourself, gift to others - women or men. Much to learn, of course, but also a handy way to remind yourself what it’s like when a whole bunch of cruising women get together in the cockpit or cabin or boatyard and TALK. Thanks, Gina for inviting us all over, for such a good time. I am honored to be among you. Sail on sisters!

- Kaci Cronkhite BWW#28 of 40 ocean sailors

Practical sailing tips and trustworthy advice are interwoven with the inspirational real-life stories of these sailor women from around the globe, from novices to professionals. Through their shared experiences and de Vere’s frank advice, this book provides an entertaining yet pragmatic look at how to live your best life on the open water.

Blue Water Women features advice and stories from 40 experienced ocean sailors—from novice to circumnavigators.

Lin Pardey writes in the introduction: “ As willing as men are to encourage women afloat, they have different concerns, different ways of handling stress, different strengths and weaknesses, different ways of teaching, and most had father-and-mentor-instilled mechanical skills to draw on as they learned to handle and maintain a boat.”

In Port Townsend, you can buy signed copies at the NW Maritime Center. Or, the book is available worldwide, on Amazon.

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