Finding PAX is dedicated to my grandmother, Lillian Clark Cronkhite, for a reason. She taught me to love poetry, stories, and shared my love of books. Even now, decades after her death, I hear the cadence and intonations of her voice in the syllables of poems she read and ones I know she might have or would definitely enjoy with me now. 

Here are a couple of favorites:

Wild Nights by Emily Dickinson

Wild nights - wild nights

Were I with thee

Wild nights should be

Our luxury.


Futile-the winds

To a heart in port.

Done with the compass.

Done with the chart!


Rowing in Eden -

Ah,  the sea!

Might I but moor - tonight

In thee!

The Set of the Sails by Ella Wheeler Willcox

One ship drives east, and another west

With the self-same winds that blow;

'Tis the set of the sails

And not the gales

That decides the way to go.


Like the winds of the sea are the ways of fate,

As they voyage along through life;

'Tis the will  of the soul

That decides its goal,

And not the calm or the strife.