Finding PAX first edition sold out, but reviews keep rolling in. [Meanwhile, the new expanded second edition is off to London design team. Watch for news of the Fall 2018 release!]

Port Townsend based photographer Deja Webster, wrote... "Perfect gift for any boat owner or anyone who has loved a sailor who loved his/her boat."

MacKenzie Driftboat builder, adventurer, and author... a champion of wild rivers ... Greg Hatten had this to say...

"Kaci Cronkhite writes with pride and passion about the wooden boat she acquired and the quest to learn her history. That quest seemed quixotic at times but her persistence and obsession ultimately rewarded her with the clues to know the life story of the well-travelled and "buxom" boat named PAX. Finding PAX is a wonderful combination of mystery, intrigue, heartbreak, craftsmanship, and emotion all mixed together in a wooden boat story that had me rooting for the author, for the boat, and all the previous owners. Over the years, everyone who came in contact with PAX came under her spell and you will too if you read this wonderful, artfully crafted book." - Greg Hatten, 2017

I've known Greg for a decade. Met him when he brought his first MacKenzie Drift Boat to the Wooden Boat Festival. Now, he's doing talks all over the country. He has written articles, books, and is the inspiring man behind the National Park Service's 100th anniversary "outrageous wooden boating adventure" series.

What joy it gives me to share our love of wooden boats with each other - and the world! Thank you, Deja and Greg!