No sooner had the pallet of books arrived at Edensaw Woods and been loaded into my very full truck, than the first person offered to buy one. After handing a book to long-time friend, local supporter of all things wood and community - Kiwi Ferris, owner of Edensaw Woods -  I turned around to see Alex Spear (owner of the beautiful Vito Dumas) ride up beside us and voila! I was inscribing the first book! 

From that moment, it's been a flurry of orders (and signing each one!) in person, via social media, on my website, in local bookstores (yesterday, the first books went to Writers' Workshoppe/Imprint Books), and next week at the first of several public events leading up to the OFFICIAL Big Splash Book Launch at the 40th Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival