The best books for me are the ones that I learn from in seconds and again in weeks, years and decades. In 2006, I bought Maynard Bray and Tom Jackson's book "Worthy of the Sea." The heft and beauty were huggable. The history and drawings overwhelmingly over my head. Occasionally, I would pick it up and try again, reading and studying captions, then whole paragraphs, then whole chapters. Over time, it sunk in. 

Today, in this excellent book I had both a "Duh" moment and a beautiful AH! The "duh" moment was in learning that GEORGE BERG, one of the 3 Danish Spidsgattter class designers I've heard about since buying PAX, was K. Aage Nielsen's design mentor. How in the world did I miss that all these years?

The "aha" moment was in this beautiful phrase on page 22, in the section about the Sparkman & Stephens years, when the authors marvel (as I do) - "That Nielsen and Stephens should both arrive at their respective professional stature by such vastly different routes says something remarkable about the nature of their craft - a blending of talent, confidence, determination , and perhaps knowing, (my favorite part!) LIKE THE SAILORS THEY WERE, HOW TO TAKE BEST ADVANTAGE OF LUCK AND FICKLE WINDS." 

If you haven't read the book, do! It's a good one for the Christmas or Birthday present list;) You can get it directly from the publisher, Tilbury House - proceeds from the book help support the Nielsen collection at Peabody Essex Museum in Boston - or from WoodenBoat Store in Maine, Wooden Boat Chandlery in Port Townsend, and of course, the online store named after a rainforest river. If you can, go smaller and make a bigger contribution where it counts.