"Elegantly captures the 1960s/70s reviva-lution of wooden boat culture in the USA" 

     - Kaci Cronkhite, (former) Director, Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival 

Wood-Sails-Dreams is a beautiful full-length documentary film that elegantly captures the inspiration and essence of the reviva-lution of wooden boat culture in America. By focusing a lens on the legendary characters, boats, events and places in New England from the 1960s to now, the film provides a context for what is today, a significant national phenomenon.  

Narrated by Jon Wilson, founder of WoodenBoat magazine, the movie unfolds like the best of WoodenBoat magazine photographs and stories sailing off the printed page accompanied by a beautiful score! 

The film includes interviews with and stories about many of America's most legendary characters  (designers, builders, race organizers, owners) and does so with a balance of art, history and craftsmanship in film these notables deserve. The editing and the music evoke the passion for artisan values, illustrate the power of wind and the irresistible "primordial" connections we have to wood and water. 

If a boat under sail grabs your heart and if you're curious to "meet" some of the people behind the scenes, here's your chance.

As Jon Wilson says during the film, "If you've stared out at the ocean, you are already, in a way, sailing. You've already felt a small moment of that inspiration."  

Watching this film, you'll feel the inspiration of the builders and dreamers, too.  The film premieres at the Nantucket Film Festival August 6-11, 2013.  Watch for the announcement of DVDs for sale on the WoodSailsDreams Facebook page.