When you get an invitation to be part of a brand new venture on the opposite side of the country, like Maine, you pause. When that invitation is from Benjamin Mendolwitz and includes Maynard Bray, plus three other guys with excellent and complimentary areas of expertise synergizing in Brooklin, Maine  (Steve Stone, Bill Maher and Eric Blake) you leap, not pausing for a second.  Because in that second, you might think, "Who, me?" and totally miss the chance to work with some of this nation's most prolific and beautiful creators of wooden boat books, calendars and now, video!  

This new venture is not just to focus attention to the latest greatest new genre (video) and does NOT sell ads. Instead, it's a call to sanity, a throw back or a throw forward, depending on where you stand, to authentic people presenting authentic "know-how" to boaters world-wide and online.  Sure, they use video, but they also love books, magazines and writing. And yes, there's a subscription fee ($29/year for unlimited access to tons of info!) but the mission is simple: inspiring the use of well-designed boats to connect with friends, family and the natural world. 

In addition to gorgeous, informative video about specific boats, boatbuilders and activities for families, there are topics on gear, maritime art, and blog topics written by 20 "expert" Guides.  I am honored to be included. As their token Okie (by birth) and one of the few who didn't grow up on the water and in boats, my perspective supports their mission by proving you don't have to be blueblood, or a New Englander, or fed sawdust since birth (no really, shipwrights are raised on it, LOL) to love, love, love wooden boats and get to write and talk about it. 

The focus of their website is about accessibility, about self-reliance, about beauty and the powerfully positive experience it is to be in a well-designed boat on the waters of the world.  Take a look!