Are you the ideal First Mate, or do you have one? Is the Mate your husband, partner, dream, a friend? I recently exchanged emails with two women in very different circumstances and it reminded me of something Nancy posted on her website years ago. In fact it's still there, so I'm hoping she'll "post" here and give further comment. She wrote: "Kaci is an avid reader, published writer, diesel mechanic, tobasco connoisseur and somewhat irreverant Mate and Kaci loves sailing. She has single-handed Tethys between Malaysia and Thailand, holds her USCG 50-ton license, Ham radio license and absolutely does not dive! Her circumnavigation will be complete in Panama, but Nancy's "ideal first mate" will continue to teach aboard Tethys all the way home to Seattle, 2001." I'm sure I did not fit the description some of the guys I know would like to see in a First Mate, nor would I come anywhere close to ideal with the irreverant part, surely! As women, what are your ideals regarding either having or being a First Mate? One of the two women writing has had a partner/husband who is the First Mate. Her boat, 4th Chakra, is pictured here with her at the helm. The other woman is mostly a singlehander, now in the western Pacific, would very much love to have a companion onboard, both for safety and whatever else. Both these women are experienced women captains, boat owners and expressed an interest in exploring this topic with other women. What do you think about "The Ideal First Mate" as a topic for a day and half SailAway Seminar in Port Townsend? The ideal First Mate will also conjure up issues for the Ideal Captain as well. Post suggestions for or about any topics you'd like to see offered at a SailAway Seminar this next year. Check back to the website or email if you'd like to receive news of what, when and how much for the 2006